Our Tribe



The red thread of the sacred wild feminine is woven through the fabric of all women’s stories. It reminds us that we all hold within us intrinsic similarities, our voices spiralling out through shared ancestral and mythic wellsprings, to meet us in this present moment.

This is your invitation to step into the circle – to contribute and to be nourished by the collective soul medicine we are conjuring here together.

Please do think carefully before choosing to enter in. This tribe fosters writing that rises out from the embodied feminine experience. And thus, it is not composed solely of sugar and spice and all things nice. In our experience, women are so much more than this saccharine reduction.

As Emma Restall Orr reminds us in Kissing the Hag, “womankind is not often sunlight upon soft ripples, spring dew upon petals, the smiling and gentle ease of mothering comfort; grace, silence and obedience are not qualities that the average woman can sustain for any length of time.”

This tribe is a celebration of the multi-faceted, multi-hued feminine psyche. And if you feel your desire leap to meet us in this space, then we will gladly welcome you into this sacred circle. Simply complete your details in the form below, ensuring that you fill each field correctly. You will receive emails sharing all our latest news, along with exclusives on all our upcoming publications and events. Oh, and watch your postbox too – here at Red Thread Voices, we find real mail sexy!

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